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The Pros and Cons of Simulated Security Cameras

The Pros and Cons of Simulated Security Cameras

When times get tough, the circumstances may force you to look for additional ways to save money while still managing to get by somehow.

Simulated security cameras are one way you can achieve this, but they do have their pros and cons which we’ll go through in this article to help you make a better buying decision.

Pricing Obviously, simulated security cameras are cheaper than the real thing. They allow you to act as if you had the real thing installed, and the burglars won’t be able to tell it apart from a distance.

Just by looking at it, this should be enough to discourage them from trying to break into your home.

However, if a crime does happen, this kind of cameras won’t actually record anything, so you won’t have the needed evidence if you decide to prosecute the perpetrators.

The good thing is that there are no maintenance costs associated with them, since they don’t consume any power whatsoever. Because they have no electrical components, they are also completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them getting wet in the rain.

Due to the fact you don’t have to connect them to anything, they are one of the easiest devices to install.

When people buy a real security camera, they tend to worry a lot, since it’s prone to being damaged just as any other electrical device.

With a fake one, all of the worries are put to rest, since it’s robust and sturdy, which makes it suitable for all kinds of environments, both indoor and outdoor.


In case you live in a dangerous area, simulated security cameras are probably not a good idea. In these kinds of areas, there’s an increased likelihood of a crime taking place, so not having the real thing becomes too much of a risk.

However, if the area you live in isn’t quite as dangerous, simulated security cameras are a great way to save a bit of money while also giving you some of the psychological advantages associated with the real ones.

If you decide to purchase one, you shouldn’t buy the cheapest one you see. This because the cheaper models don’t look as professional, and there is a higher chance of experienced criminals being able to see them for what they are.

So if you’re going to make a decision, look for something that’s reasonably priced, so the bad guys won’t have an easy job.

Here’s a valuable tip: good simulated security cameras have elements of a real security camera, including a real lens and a cable.

In any case, simulated security cameras are definitely better than no video cameras at all. In an ideal world, you’d probably want to have the real thing, but sometimes your budget may not allow it.

To sum it up, here is a list of pros and cons:

Advantages of Simulated Security Camera

– Low cost
– No maintenance
– Discourage criminals just as well
– Simple installation
– Lightweight
– Not prone to breaking
– Waterproof


– They don’t record video
– Not suitable for dangerous areas

Hopefully, this will make your buying decision at least somewhat easier.

To your safety!

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