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All in one home security kit

IOTA home security kit is an all-in-one home security system and automation gateway that includes a built-in HD camera, and motion sensor, two-way voice communication, and robust smart home functionality.

Featuring improve for Z-Wave and ZigBee at the side of voice keep an eye on via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, IOTA delivers a complete DIY security solution in one compact device even as allowing you to place it anywhere in your home with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Z-wave and Zigbee improve allow you to build a connected, protected smart home.

Professional-grade security that protects 24×7. IOTA is compatible with previous abode sensors and devices. IOTA includes 1080p camera that securely streams and captures videos when you wish to have them most.

All-in-on Home Security in high quality HD.

IOTA home security kit also also supports popular smart home technologies including Z-Wave and ZigBee and can be controlled via voice with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Unlike our existing gateway, iota can connect to your home Wi-Fi network, allowing you to place it wherever you see fit.  All in one compact device.

Use the included Key Fob to easily arm or disarm your abode system.

The Key Fob is at all times ready to arm and disarm the system with ease. Hit the button before you enter your home or as you’re leaving to make sure that your home is at all times protected.

Easy to install

Protect the perimeter and keep unwanted people out. Our easy to install (with simple adhesive stick and peel) Mini Door/Window Sensor allows you to offer protection to any door or window in your home.

The sensor detects when doors and windows open or close and you can receive an instantaneous notification if something is out of the ordinary allowing you take action.

Auto-Home & Auto-Away Abode automatically arms your alarm system when you leave your home and disables your alarm when you return home.

Professional grade home security, self install-able in minutes. This device includes a 93 decibel siren that scares off trouble.

IOTA includes 1080p camera + motion sensor that securely streams and captures videos when you wish to have them most.

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No long term commitment

No monthly fees: monitor your own system for free or sign up for professional monitoring with no long term contract.

Abode leverages modern, professional grade technologies like 4G cellular and battery backup to keep your home secure even in power outages

This starter kit includes everything you wish to have to stand up and running with 1 iota gateway, 1 mini Door/Window Sensor, and 1 Remote KeyFob.

No contract required, see our website for more details on optional plans available.




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