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It is a wireless/cordless bed alarm system. When the patient lifts their weight from the bed pad, the alarm will sound, up to 100 feet from the pad.

The pad is made of a top quality soft vinyl, incontinence safe and features a layer of foam for more comfort for the patient. The alarm monitor is about the size of a large coffee cup and will also be easily carried about the home.

The alarm features 3 volume levels and an on/off switch. The bed pad must be placed under the fitted sheet in the bed, underneath the patient’s back.

When the patient lifts their weight from the pad, the alarm will sound. The caregiver can take the alarm anywhere up to 100′ from the pads and still receive the alarm.

This system will also wake the caregiver at night so they are able to rest easy, knowing they are going to know the moment their patient starts to rise from their bed.

ALSO included in this package are two Kerr Medical disposable, high absorbency bed protector pads! Bed protector pad details: 30″ x 30″ super absorbent waterproof moisture barrier helps keep bed and other surfaces dry. Latex free.

Cloth-like top is soft and gentle on skin, and contains no irritating chemicals, salts, or dyes.

Use this bed alarm system to know when someone is getting up from their bed. The alarm will also be kept outdoor the room with the caregiver, keeping alarm noise away from the patient.

20″ x 30″ cordless bed pad is placed under the fitted sheet, across the back or buttocks area, in patient’s bed.

When patient starts to rise, a wireless signal is sent to the caregiver alarm, to be able to sound an alert.

Portable alarm will also be up to 100′ from the bed pad, and features a volume adjustment and an on/off switch.

Requires 3 C batteries, (not included), or purchase an AC adapter, sold one after the other as ‘Kerr AC-04E Adapter’.



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