What is DVR system?

Before we use any appliances, it’s good to know the basic of the appliance so that we could use it more effectively.

Firstly, DVR stands for digital video recorder. This technology has been commercially available since around 1999, which makes it a little bit older than its NVR counterpart.

All a DVR does is take video from an external source such as coaxial camera and encode, and record it to its internal hard drive, digitally in CCTV. DVRs are used to capture the incoming video signal from cameras using coax cables connected to the ports on the back of the DVR system, the signal transmitted can be analog but more commonly as a digital signal.

The DVR has processors capable of encoding and compressing the incoming video signal to make better use of space. This space is located on as many hard drives as installed in the DVR. Most modern DVRs are hybrid systems, capable of using more than one digital or analog.

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